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Pacific School Health Promotion Futures

A one-day hybrid seminar for all school health stakeholders in the Pacific

On 21 February 2023 a hybrid seminar about the future of school health promotion in the Pacific region took place. This seminar is the first in a series of dialogues that aim to bring together key stakeholders from across the region and provide a platform for discussion and innovation in school health promotion. The major aim of this first seminar was for us to consider how schools can best contribute to the health and wellbeing of students, teachers, and the broader school community moving forward. The seminar adopted a futures based approach to consider what school health promotion might be in 2050.

This seminar is of interest to teachers, teacher educators, health promotion professionals, school nurses and other school health workers, health organisations, policy and curriculum workers, professional associations and academics.


The seminar provided us with an opportunity to:

  1. Share current approaches to school health promotion across the Pacific region;
  2. Discuss what we want school health promotion to look, and feel, like in 2050;
  3. Identify current key enablers and barriers to school health promotion within our local and regional contexts;
  4. Identify key priorities and actions for strengthening school health promotion in the short and medium term; and
  5. Network among key stakeholders involved in school health promotion.


Time AEDTSession
9.00amArrival and coffee/tea
9.30amAcknowledgement of country, welcome and setting the scene
10.15amSchool health promotion: Looking backwards to move forward – Pr. Lawry St Leger
10.30amSnapshots from the Pacific
11.15amParallel sessions – 45 minutes breakout sessions
– Digital futures (online English)
– Climate change and sustainability (online English, online French)
– Future workforce development (online French)
– Curriculum, teaching and learning (Monash face to face English)
12.00pmParallel sessions – feedback
1.00pmPresentation re-thinking futures from IUHPE – Sione Tuitahi
1.15pmPostcards from the Pacific – School Health Promotion Futures
2.00pmWorld Cafe – Where do we go from here?
3.00pmClosing remarks – Dr. Deana Leahy and Pr. Didier Jourdan

Presentations, recording and participants’ contributions

The recording of the seminar will be posted on this page very soon.

Presentation of the seminar

Presentation of Sione Tu’itahi 

The contribution of the participants


Concept note

For more information download the concept note

Recommendations – Reports


Educational resources

Global Health & Education webinars on school health promotion




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