Global Community Health Annual Workshop

From the 28th to the 30th of June 2022, the second edition of the Global Community Health Annual Workshop will take place as an online event. The overall workshop theme is ‘How to build resilient communities for times of crises’. The theme will be explored through different sub-themes, such as emergency health and social protection, offering a broad perspective on the diversity of practices of community health worldwide. The workshop provides a space where community health and health promotion practitioners and policy makers can improve their skills and where researchers can gain in capacities to conduct community-based participatory research.

Organisers are the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education, EHESP School of Public Health and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE).

Format of the workshop

The global workshop will run during 3 consecutive days, 3,5 contact hours per day, from 11.30 CEST till 15.00 CEST. It uses an interactive format ensuring active participation through a series of online lectures, combined with community heath hubs (smaller working groups). These community health hubs acknowledge our diversity and cultural dimensions and are offered in different languages including Arabic, English, French and Spanish. During the community health hubs participants have the opportunity to share experiences, build their regional and global networks and work with other group members on their assignment.

Next to the series of lectures, our “Voices from the field” video series is another way to address the different topics covered. The videos consists of short interviews with practitioners, researchers, or policy makers. While developing the programme, we attach great importance to gender balance and Global South – Global North balance in our recruitment of speakers. They should reflect the very diverse and international audience that we seek to connect with.

Who can attend?

Our participants are professionals, policy makers, researchers, students from different backgrounds who want to expand their knowledge and skills on community health while building an international network, which is an important benefit for the participants. They will get inspired by the diversity of researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in advancing community health.


The online lectures are held in the English language. We do not want language to be a barrier for participation. The community health hubs will therefore be organised in different languages including Arabic, English, French and Spanish. On the registration form you can indicate your preferred language for the community health hubs. Based on the registrations and the availability of facilitators for the community health hubs, the organisers will decide in which languages the community health hubs will be held.

Certificate of attendance

Participants submitting the assignment on a community health topic after the workshop will have their efforts credited by a certificate of attendance delivered by the UNESCO Chair and an accreditation from IUHPE (tbc).


Registration for the second edition of the Global Community Health Annual Workshop is open. You can register by completing the online registration form. Participating in the workshop is free of charge. If you have any questions about the workshop please send an email to info@unescochair-ghe.org.

Global Community Health Annual Workshop – first edition 2021

The first edition of the Global Community Health Annual Workshop was held online from 6 to 8 July 2021. The overal theme was to explore the diverse practices of community health worldwide, learn from them, and apply those newly acquired skills and knowledge to current/future projects. The sub themes were:

  • Day 1 – Community health as a practice
  • Day 2 – Mobilizing communities
  • Day 3 – Promoting / advancing health and well-being

For more information: