UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education Health Education, Prevention, Health Promotion, Children and Young People


Why a UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education?

Health and education are inalienable rights for children. Improving their health and well-being and reducing health inequalities are a joint responsibility. Education has a key role, since people’s health depends for 80% on environmental factors and lifestyle. Now is the time to create new synergies in order to improve children and young people’s health. The UNESCO Chair / WHO Collaborating Centre Global Health & Education aim to promote intersectoral policies and practices.

The Chair encourages a strategy of social change by introducing an innovative way of practicing health promotion, prevention and health education. It combines the knowledge of health determinants with social-cultural practices. This leads to a balanced approach between environmental changes and capacity building.

Our vision is to create the conditions for children and young people to take charge of their lives and develop as individuals, as members of their community and as global citizens for all matters related to health.

What is the UNESCO Chair?

To tackle the new challenges of health promotion, prevention and health education, all sectors and stakeholders need to work together. Therefore, co-creation and active participation are key components of the Chair’s actions.

The objectives of the UNESCO Chair are framed within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s):

  • Building the global UNITWIN community

The Chair is building a global community, connecting universities, public and private organisations and individuals.

  • Producing knowledge

The Chair connects, shares and produces action-oriented knowledge to support changes in practices and policies.

  • Building capacity

The UNESCO Chair helps to develop competencies of all stakeholders to professionalise and strengthen health promotion, prevention and health education.

  • Communicating and sharing knowledge

The UNESCO Chair offers a platform for communication and knowledge-sharing.