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Global Health & Education webinar series

“Sharing knowledge to support the global community of everyone with an interest in the education and health of children and young people.”

This is the objective of the webinar series developed by the UNESCO Chair and WHO Collaborating Centre in “Global Health & Education”. We do this in partnership with major international organizations and a network of 70 universities. The content has a unique balance between contributions of the best experts and the experience of actors in the field. Together each webinar contributes to an article about the future of health promotion. The webinars can be linked to initial and continuing training. We started this initiative in March 2020 and is ongoing.

More information about upcoming and previous webinars.

COVID-19 and schools

One of the activities of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education is to share knowledge about the process on school (re)opening during COVID-19. The Chair initiated two global surveys.

The preliminary results of the 2021 survey and the article resulting from the first survey with other relevant resources related to COVID-19 and schools can be found on this page: COVID-19 and schools.

School Health Promotion

Education is a key determinant for health and well-being of children and young people, and their health conditions affect their educational achievements. The prevention of non-communicable diseases can effectively be addressed by promoting a healthy lifestyle, starting at an early age. Schools are an important setting to reach children and young people. The UNESCO Chair Global & Education is involved in several activities related to school health promotion.

More information on School Health Promotion.

SHE and UNESCO Chair webinar series

The Schools for Health in Europe Network Foundation (SHE) and the UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education joined their forces to organise a series of webinars around School Health Promotion:

Intersectoral working

The UNESCO Chair and WHO Collaborating Centre Global Health & Education aims to promote intersectoral policies and practices.

The video’s of the key-notes of the pre-conference Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities? can be found on this page.