Global Health & Education webinar series

“Sharing knowledge to support the global community of everyone with an interest in the education and health of children and young people”. This is the objective of the webinar series developed by the UNESCO Chair and WHO Collaborating Centre in “Global Health & Education”. We do this in partnership with major international organizations and a network of 70 universities. The content has a unique balance between contributions of the best experts and the experience of actors in the field. Together each webinar contributes to an article about the future of health promotion. The webinars can be linked to initial and continuing training.
The webinar series are:
  • Innovative
  • Short and structured
  • Following a similar format
  • Focusing on specific issues related to education and health of children and young people
  • Highly interactive
  • Resulting in providing relevant resources on the topic via our website.

The webinar programme is rooted in local contexts and cultures and will be offered in different languages.


Articles related to the available scientific data, guidelines and tools developed by UNESCO, WHO, WASH in Schools and other institutions, and the practices collected worldwide by the community of the Chair can be found on this page.

Intersectoral working

The video’s of the key-notes of the pre-conference Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities? can be found on this page.