The core values of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education include:

  1. Every child and young person has a fundamental right to education, well-being and a healthy life;
  2. Non-discrimination, solidarity, equality of opportunity and treatment, and universal access to education, health and well-being underpin all activities of the Chair;
  3. Development of autonomy of children and young people in order to prepare them to be free and responsible citizens in democratic processes of decision-making;
  4. Active involvement of all children and young people, enabling them to work as powerful agents of healthy change in their own life, in schools, in families and in local communities;
  5. Celebrate, value and learn from global diversity of knowledge, perspectives and experiences;
  6. Cultural pluralism and appropriateness of activities and recommendations are recognized and taken into account as health and education of children and young people are rooted in different socioeconomical, environmental, political, cultural and religious contexts.