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Potatoes for Peace and COVID 19

With the advent of COVID 19, people have been launched into new, uncharted territories. Similarly, the Potato people find themselves in a new situation, in lockdown and unable to conduct their in-person school programmes with students. The potato people are conscious that these are unprecedented times, with schools suspended, and children and young people globally having to deal with grief, anxiety, separation from friends and family. This disruption to normal daily life can be overwhelming for adults, let alone children and making sense of the world now can be confusing with all news and information available. For this reason, the Potato people have galvanised and decided that they individually, and Potatoes for Peace as an organisation, have a collective responsibility to help children and young people interpret the world during this time of COVID 19. Potatoes for Peace will be providing information in a dynamic way, covering issues such as mental health in a child and parent friendly way, with interviews from experts in the field. And, in a way that reinforces empathy and mutual understanding, key principles of Potatoes for Peace.

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Potatoes for Peace is a charitable organisation focused on education, which uses Potato people as a vehicle for the promotion of health and peace, discussing sensitive issues which are pressing and current. Potatoes for Peace provides school-based programs in an innovative, engaging way through a short curriculum which encourages critical thinking and creation of Potato people to understand the ‘other’ and develop empathy. With the belief that ultimately racism, discrimination and negative stereotyping can be prevented, like disease, but needs to be proactive and commenced early with children and young people.