UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education Health Education, Prevention, Health Promotion, Children and Young People

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The UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education has four core activities:

Activity 1. Building the global UNITWIN community

The aim of the activity is to build a global open community among the teams, research groups and individuals with a common interest in health & education and who share the vision to create the conditions for children and young people to take charge of their lives and develop as individuals, as members of their community and as global citizens for all matters related to health.

It involves mapping the teams, research groups and individuals in human sciences and health sciences, involved in school health promotion and those working on children and young people in their environment/community, including health promotion and health education.

Deliverables for the period 2018 – 2022 are:

  1. An interactive map of institutions producing research in this field
  2. Overview of individual community members
  3. Article on a bibliometric survey on school health

Activity 2. Producing knowledge

The Chair connects, shares and produces action-oriented knowledge to support changes in practices and policies. The aim of activity 2 is to develop a framework for research, based on a dialogue that takes into account the different contexts and relationships to knowledge and evidence in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas and Europe and to develop research in applying innovative research concepts into practice.

Deliverables for the period 2018 – 2022 are:

Activity 3. Building capacity

این فعالیت شامل تمرین و آموزش ، کارگاه های آموزشی ، مشاوره و یک دوره آزاد ، رایگان و چند زبانه است (MOOC). این امر به ایجاد و توسعه صلاحیت کلیه ذیربطان برای حرفه‌ای سازی و تقویت ارتقا سلامت ، پیشگیری و آموزش بهداشت برای کودکان در سطح محلی ، منطقه ای و ملی (مدرسه و جامعه) کمک می کند. این کار برنامه های دانشگاهی موجود را به برنامه های مداوم توسعه حرفه‌ای مربوطه پیوند می دهد.

Deliverables for 2018 – 2022 are:

  1. UNESCO Chair Academy
  2. Global Community Health annual workshop
  3. Capacity development programme in West-Africa
  4. مشاوره
  5. MOOC

Activity 4. Communicating and sharing knowledge

The UNESCO Chair offers a platform for communication and knowledge sharing through it’s website, social media and factsheets. Activities include the creation and realisation of innovative webinars, active presence of the UNESCO Chair at global and regional conferences, policy briefs, supporting national programmes.

Deliverables for 2018 – 2022 are:

  1. وبسایت
  2. News updates
  3. Policy brief targeting policymakers and practitioners
  4. Webinars
  5. Supporting national programmes, for example REBEE project

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