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IUHPE webinar: A critical Reflection on Health Promotion Policy, Research and Practice

3 March 2021, 10:00 EST, 16:00 CET

This webinar aims to engage participants in an interactive discussion on how health promotion policy, research and practice can be strengthened in order to advance human health and wellbeing. Critical insights will be exchanged on how to bring a renewed focus on health promotion as a key transformative strategy for advancing human wellbeing development. The webinar will critically consider what mechanisms are needed for strengthening health promoting policies, implementation processes and structures, capacities and research, to advance population health and wellbeing and a healthier future for all.

Moderator: Prof. Margaret Berry, IUHPE President, NUI Galway


  • Prof. Louise Potvin, Chair of the IUHPE 2022 Global Organising Committee, University of Montréal
  • Prof. Stephan Van den Broucke, IUHPE Vice-president for Scientific Affairs, Catholic University of Louvain

This webinar is part of the IUHPE 70 webinar series. The webinar series aims to celebrate this significant milestone for our organisation by sharing timely and relevant knowledge for the global health promotion community and the rest of society, and to both draw attention and call for collective and individual action on current global challenges.

For more information about IUHPE 70th anniversary, the IUHPE 70 webinar series and to register for the webinar: https://www.iuhpe.org/index.php/en/iuhpe70