Respondents’ profile

Here is the respondents’ profile for the combined survey data in Arabic, English, French and Spanish (n=332).

  • About one third of respondents are school teachers (see figure 2).
  • The other professional backgrounds are more diverse;
    • we can see a greater proportion of doctors, university teachers and researchers among  the English-language survey respondents.
  • The majority of respondents are working in an urban area (60%).
  • Regarding area affluence, half of respondents engage with all types – highly privileged to underprivileged students (49%) – and a third of respondents work in a privileged setting.
  • Respondents work across the student age range, engaging with groups from 0 to 19 years old (see table 1).
  • Almost half of the respondents work specifically in a school, mostly in the public sector (no fees, 74%), and without specialization (86%) nor students staying overnight (85%).
Figure 2 Professional background of respondents
Table 1 Distribution of the age groups covered by the respondents at work

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