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US launch event UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education

Presenting the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education at the SOPHE conference March 2024

The UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education attended the 75th Annual Conference of SOPHE – the Society of Public Health Education – in St Louis USA, 19-21 March 2024. The conference theme was ‘Gateway to Health Equity: Global solutions to strengthen health education and promotion capacity’. It provided an inclusive opportunity for anyone who plays a role in the health education profession. The conference offered various learning experiences, opportunities to connect with colleagues and friends, and was a major success. For the UNESCO Chair the event offered an opportunity to present its vision on global health promotion. Goof Buijs and Didier Jourdan organized a workshop on: ‘Practice-based solutions for global health and education: lessons learned’ (download the presentation) and Didier Jourdan gave a plenary talk ‘Meeting the challenges of the future of Health Education and Promotion building ecosystems for knowledge production and knowledge sharing’ (download the presentation). Also the Chair organized a social event to celebrate the launch of the UNESCO Chair in the United States, which was well attended by over 40 colleagues.

During the workshop 4 examples from the UNESCO Chair were presented on strengthening Health Promotion in a globalized world:

  • Global mapping of literature on school health promotion
  • Health learning pathways: enactment guide Learning Cities
  • Global Community Health workshop
  • Global Handbook for Health Promotion Research

We invited the over 40 participants to the workshop to share their own experiences with global health and education, and to give suggestions for the future of global health promotion. The take-away messages were about the importance of creating a global community, to involve the community on every level possible (in development, in implementation, and in evaluation). Other key messages were on networking and learning from public health professionals across the world. The participants clearly expressed the need for more involvement in truly global health strategies and review more UNESCO activities.