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ASCD launches Whole Child Network

On Friday November 8th, ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) launched the ASCD Whole Child Network, a free-to-join global network of schools that are focused on the same goal: transforming their schools and school communities into ones that put the child at the center.

Schools that join the network receive tools designed to help them assess and make changes to better support the whole child approach to education. The process begins with the ASCD Whole Child School Improvement Tool™, an online survey that allows schools to self-assess their practices based on the ASCD Whole Child Tenets and indicators. 

In addition, the ASCD School Improvement Tool has been updated so that it will now provide results down to the Indicator level – highlighting specific areas that each school should focus attention on.

To help schools plan and craft their Whole Child journeys ASCD has also developed a Whole Child Network Guide which leads schools through an assessment-planning-reflection logic model. In accompaniment with the ASCD Action Planner these allow schools to plan out their activities, PD and policy development.

All of this, and additional tools and resources, are free to any one, any school, or any districts that signs up to be part of this movement.

This first stage of the launch is focused on raising awareness and building up the network of schools. The next stage will focus on finalizing the Certification and Coaching options as well as creating a series of events where schools and leaders committed to a Whole Child approach can meet up.

Stay tuned and sign up!

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