You are invited to join the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education community and to share your knowledge and skills. The UNESCO Chair operates as an open community. Organizations and people from different backgrounds, countries, cultures with a common interest in health & education, are actively involved in different activities at a global level. Together we share the vision to create the conditions for children and young people to take charge of their lives and develop as individuals, as members of their community and as global citizens for all matters related to health .

Community members range from individuals (academics, students, administrators, practitioners, consultants and others) to universities and organisations (cities, regions, NGO’s, unions, public and private companies and networks).

As a member of the community you:

  • get inspired by exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences;
  • can collaborate with other members;
  • can contribute to one or more of the activities and projects;
  • receive regular news updates;
  • are visible and recognised as a community member.

The UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education has four community membership categories: