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In memoriam Ian Young

We received the sad news that our dear colleague and friend Ian Macrae Young died recently. Ian Young from Scotland was one of the founding fathers of health promoting schools in Scotland, the European region and also globally from the 1980s. He was the co-author of one of the key reports ‘The Healthy School’ together with Trefor Williams. He worked for NHS Scotland as Head of International Development and played a leading role in the European Network for Health Promoting Schools from the start in 1992, later to be continued as the Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) network. He wrote many articles, training manuals, high quality publications for the International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), was guest-editor. He was an inspriring speaker and a bright thinker. When we met during meetings, there was always singing together. His voice was distinctive and his guitar playing style exciting. Music was one of his passions, as well as photography. Ian’s background in science teaching left him with a passion for landscapes and living beings. He was able to capture the beauty of his home country in amazing pictures. His book ” A moment in Time” is a delight for the eyes. Everyone can discover his photos on this website. After his retirement Ian stayed active in the field, but later devoted his time for his family and his hobbies. It was a pleasure and great honour to have worked with him. Being with him was always fun, and with a great interest in other people’s lives.