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Special call for papers in Health Education “Social justice, equity, and agency: global challenges linking health, wellbeing and sustainability education”

Editors: Monica Carlsson, Irene Torres & Martin Mickelsson.

The deadline for submissions is 21. November 2023.

The aim of the special issue is to highlight how social justice and equity perspectives can qualify and deepen our understanding of how health, wellbeing and sustainability challenges are addressed in education in different cultural contexts in a way that supports the agency of children and youth. Furthermore, the aim is to create greater awareness of the potential in linking health, wellbeing and sustainability in educational research and practice.

Against this background, we welcome contributions of current research on conceptualizations of health, wellbeing and sustainability education from a social justice and equity perspective. Contributions are also welcome focusing on analytical problematisations of traditional health, wellbeing and sustainability education policies and interventions in schools and the way these efforts position those most marginalised in society.

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