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Webinar: Improving inclusion of children living with a rare disease through curriculum transformation – 28 November 2022

UNESCO-IBE is organising a webinar on “Improving inclusion of children living with a rare disease through curriculum transformation”, co-organised with the Agrenska Foundation and Rare Diseases International and taking place on 28 November 2022 2:00-4:00 PM – Geneva time – (UTC+1).


  • Yao Ydo – Director, UNESCO-IBE
  • Anders Olauson – Founder and Chairman of Agrenska Foundation 
  • Flaminia Macchia – Executive Director of Rare Diseases International (RDI)  
  • Florence Migeon – UNESCO, Programme Specialist, Inclusive Education Expert
  • Gunilla Jaeger – Senior Advisor Agrenska Foundation
  • Carlos David Peña Aragon - Head of Social Networks, Federación Mexicana de Enfermedades Raras (FEMEXER), lives Gaucher disease (Mexico)  
  • Eda Selebatso - Founder of Botswana Organization For Rare Diseases (BORDIS) – Mother of two children living with different rare diseases (Botswana)  
  • Mark Rogers - Parent of a young adult living with DiGeorge Syndrome (New Zealand)
  • Nikita Van Dijk - University student and patient advocate living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (New Zealand)  
  • Robin Yoon - M.D. Candidate, Georgetown University School of Medicine (USA)  
  • Sook Yee Yap and Jaden Lim - We Care, Journey – mother and son, Jaden lives with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Pituitary Microadenoma (15), and his brother lives with SMA Type One (Malaysia)  

To attend the webinar, register here.