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Short video: Nutri-Score a public health tool based on science

This video explains in 2.45 minutes why and how NutriScore is a true public health tool based on science. The video was made by EREN (l’Equipe de Recherche en Epidémiologie Nutritionelle) of Sorbonne Paris Nord University.

In the current context of the European debate about the implementation of a unique and mandatory front-of-pack nutrition label for all European countries. It is important to highlight the fact that behind Nutri-Score there is a solid scientific basis and that science must be at the heart of the debate to select a nutritional label really useful for consumers.

Nutri-Score has been the subject of numerous scientific studies published in international peer-reviewed journals (more than sixty carried out in about thirty countries) which validated the algorithm underlying the calculation of Nutri-Score and demonstrate the effectiveness of Nutri-Score and its superiority to other existing labels or those pushed by pressure groups, both in terms of perception, objective understanding, use by consumers, impact on food choices and on the nutritional quality of shopping carts….

The video explains why and how NutriScore is a scientifically validated public health tool:

French video
Version with English subtitles
Version with Spanish subtitles