UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education Health Education, Prevention, Health Promotion, Children and Young People

Pre-Summit Ministerial Segment II – Action Track #1: Inclusive; equitable, healthy and safe schools

30 June 2022 10:10 am –11:25 am ( CET – Paris time) 

This session, part of the United Nations Transforming Education Pre-Summit, will discuss the key elements of transformation needed to ensure inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools. Through a dynamic intergenerational dialogue between young people and decision-makers, you can hear more about transformation in action and strategic initiatives to deliver transformative education at scale, and reach the most marginalized.

Inclusive transformative education ensures that all learners have unhindered access to quality education, that they are safe and healthy, free from violence and discrimination, and are supported with comprehensive care services within school settings. Transformation is essential to unlock the potential of learners in all their diversity; end harmful gender norms, attitudes and practices; and transform institutions to achieve just, equal, accepting, inclusive, healthy and peaceful societies.

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