UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education Health Education, Prevention, Health Promotion, Children and Young People

Solidarity in the face of conflict

The global community of the UNESCO Chair “Global Health & Education”, striving for better health for all children and young people through better education and lifelong learning for all, expresses its solidarity with those affected and displaced by conflicts and wars that are being fought in many parts of the world. Damage and destruction caused by conflict -especially disruption of schooling and access to health services on children and young people’s lives- is beyond imagination. Peace and security are the most important determinants of education, health and wellbeing.

We are with all actors from the international community who are providing aid and looking for solutions. We call for solidarity in education and health -through more coordinated, integrated, and intersectoral global action- to ensure wellbeing for every child and young person. They will be the ones who will have to rebuild our world. It is our duty to hear their voices and create the conditions to support their development in its physical, psychological and social dimensions.