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New publication: Questioning Education. Moving from What and How to Why and Who

This new bookQuestioning Education. Moving from What and How to Why and Who” by Sean Slade was published early March 2022.

How can we rethink the future of education as a system, process, and tradition to make lasting changes in the post-pandemic world? This book reminds us that education prepares students for their futures and yet has become stuck in the past. The author, Sean Slade, asks us to move from our focus on education as a content-delivery system and instead reflect on its overarching purpose(s). He shows how we can shift our systems and our curriculum discussions away from beginning with the What and How, and instead start with the Why and Who.

This book will inspire you to reconsider what school is and what power you have to make changes, so we can all play a role in improving ourselves, our systems, and our world.

The book contains three parts:

  • Part 1: The Educational Solar System 
  • Part 2: Diving Deeper into Each Question or Visiting Each Planet: From Why to Who to Where and When to How and What 
  • Part 3: A Flipped Solar System

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