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New Strategic Development Plan EuroHealthNet

EuroHealthNet has launched its new Strategic Development Plan, which sets out the principles and priorities which will guide their work over the next five years.

EuroHealthNet members (over 60 organisations, institutes, and authorities working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health and wellbeing, and reducing inequalities) have assessed how the Partnership should move forward. New skills, capacities, and competences will be needed and are crucial. The new Strategic Development Plan, describes how the Partnership can continue working together to achieve real and lasting change to improve health and reduce health inequalities in Europe.

EuroHealthNet will focus on: 

  • The application of the equity lens across health and other policies and measures; supporting the ‘economy of wellbeing’, as well as a ‘whole of society’ approach.
  • Novel ways to promote health and prevent diseases. Making solutions attractive and sustainable, whilst contributing to the transformation of health and social protection systems.  
  • The social, economic, environmental, cultural, commercial, behavioural, and political determinants of health, which allows us to be agile and responsive to the diverse threats to health equity. 

They have defined five priority areas:

  • Health equity.
  • Non-communicable diseases.
  • The climate crisis.
  • Prevention and promotion.
  • Life course.

And two cross-cutting themes:

  • Mental health
  • Digital inclusion

More information

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