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Call for Chapters International handbook of teaching and learning health promotion: practices and reflections from around the world

This call is intended to identify experiences that produce a dialogue between teaching and learning practices carried out locally and the possibilities of application and transformation from local to global reality. The book is to be published by Springer Publisher and launched at the 24th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, in Montreal, Canada, 2022.

The book is about teaching and learning health promotion in the health professions undergraduate and postgraduate courses, bearing in mind the Health Promotion approaches, according to WHO and the five strategies of Ottawa Chapter. In addition, chapters on how health promotion is taught in related fields such as architecture, urban planning, and social protection, as well as various areas of public policy and international affairs etc. are welcome.

Proposals must be sent by April 15, 2021
For more information see the call for chapters or the promotional video