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Promoting proven policies and practices to reduce the burden of chronic diseases: Joint Action CHRODIS-PLUS 

CHRODIS-PLUS mobilizes more than 50 partners from 21 European countries to help them cope with chronic diseases and is co-funded by the European Commission health program. The purpose of the CHRODIS-PLUS joint action is to ensure a “comprehensive community” approach to health promotion and disease prevention. CHRODIS-PLUS has set up 21 pilot projects and 16 policy dialogues with the aim of evaluating tools and good practices to fight chronic diseases, promote their long-term sustainability and integrate them into policies.

The following publications are available:

  • Consensus statement: concerning the EU added value of cross-country collaboration to prevent and manage chronic diseases beyond 2020.
  • Landscape report: a comparative overview of policies, approaches, good practices, gaps, and needs in participating countries.
  • Recommendations for the implementation of health promotion good practices: five good practices in eight new contexts across the EU where implemented and evaluated. They involved cross-sectoral work and focused on improving physical activity and nutrition among different groups (children, employees and older people) in schools, workplaces and communities.
  • Seven recommendations for intra and intersectoral collaboration for health promotion and chronic disease prevention: that would foster effective intersectoral collaboration inside and outside of health care in order to strengthen health promotion activities.
  • 16 action plans for policy and legislation: that would tackle key chronic disease risk factors, strengthen health promotion, and ensure health systems are well equipped to meet the challenge of chronic disease.

EuroHealthNet has been a partner of the CHRODIS-PLUS joint action since 2017.

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