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Our community members have their say! MinChien Tsai

A global community at the service of its members

The strength of the Chair’s community lies in the skills and knowledge of its members. The community is at the service of its members and exists of those who choose to join it. Therefore we want to put the community members in the spotlight and allow them to explain – in their own words – what this community means to them and what their expectations and hopes are for it.

Second video in the series: MinChien Tsai, PhD student and project coordinator at the Health Promoting School International Center, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei.


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Researchers, professionals in health, social and educational sectors, volunteers from associations, movements or trade unions, committed citizens, universities, local authorities, foundations, companies, networks, associations, institutions, you are all welcome to join!

The Chair’s community is open to all. It is based on two inseparable dimensions: 1. produce and share knowledge 2. Contribute to social change for the health of children and young people. Do you want to know more about our community?

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