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Pre-conference “Intersectorality: next generation, a real way to tackle health inequalities?”

On Wednesday 20 November 2019 the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education co-organised the pre-conference: Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities? as part of the 12th European Public Health Conference in Marseille. The session was attended by more than 60 professionals from different parts of the world.

The keynote speakers analysed different intersectoral practices in New Caledonia, Canada, Brazil and Denmark. These interventions were followed by a round table discussion to identify levers and obstacles to intersectorality, gaps between theory and practice and three priorities to move towards true intersectorality.

The presentations and recordings of the keynotes and round table session can be found on our website soon. A shared publication is currently being prepared by the contributors to this session.

Keynotes included:

  • Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities?
    L. Saboga Nunes, President EUPHA HP
  • Creating new ecosystems for knowledge production and sharing
    D. Jourdan & M-P. 
    Sauvant-Rochat, UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education
  • Genuine intersectorality at the local level, what do we know?
    L. Potvin, Montreal University, Canada
  • Intersectorality, participation and citizenship at the very core of health promotion
    M. Akerman, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • An intersectoral approach to tackle inequalities in oral health
    H. Pichot & S. Tubert-Jeanin, Agence sanitaire et sociale de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
  • Intersectorality in Danish municipalities
    D. H. Holt, National Institute of Public Health, Denmark

Contributors to the round table were:

  • N. Keshavarz Mohammadi, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, Co-chair of the Scientific & Ethical Committee of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education
  • P. Contu, IUHPE vice-president for Europe
  • N. Gray, Vice-President for Europe of IAAH