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Introduction pre-conference “Intersectorality: next generation, a real way to tackle health inequalities?”

In this video, Luís Saboga-Nunes, Associated Professor at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, president of the EUPHA Health Promotion Section and member of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education, introduces the pre-conference “Intersectorality: next generation, a real way to tackle health inequalities?”. Reducing health inequalities is a public health concern in all countries and communities. How to act effectively on determinants of health and to tackle these inequalities? This question is at the heart of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education and WHO Collaborating Center and will be the foundation of the discussion to be held at the EUPHA pre-conference in Marseille on Wednesday November 20th 2019.

This pre-conference brings together stakeholders committed to this agenda, from different social contexts of the world. They will share their vision on intersectorality through action-oriented best practices in Canada, Brazil, New Caledonia and Denmark. The discussions will be continued in a Round Table in order to identify:

  • the contributions and limitations of the intersectoral approach; and
  • the gaps between theory and practice.

Prof. Saboga-Nunes invites policy makers, practitioners, people engaged in research, teaching, health policy development, and other health promotion domains, to join us in Marseille on November 20th. Share your experience, discover other contributions and help us move forward together to create an agenda to tackle health inequalities.