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EUPHA Pre-conference: Health promotion principles as foundations for solidarity and public health

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 9:00 – 17:00

During this pre-conference of the European Public Health Conference, different perspectives to the future of health promotion will be explored from a global and a national level. The pre-conference is organised by the EUPHA Section Health promotion, UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education, Bielefeld University, and The German Prevention RESEarch NeTwork (PRESENT).

The morning session (9.00 – 13.00) which is organised by the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education will focus on:
Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities? 

By the end of the session, we aim to have identified a range of intersectoral practices, gaps between theory and practice, and three priorities for moving ahead with genuine intersectorality.

In order to allow everyone to be able to participate in the pre-conference, we offer three different ways of participation:

  • in person, by attending the pre-conference in Marseille;
  • online by following the live broadcast of the pre-conference, with the possibility of interaction (the link will be shared through our website);
  • online by consulting the presentations and videos from the pre-conference on our website, after 20 November 2019.

Keynotes include:

  • Intersectorality ‘next generation’: a real way to tackle health inequalities?
    L. Saboga Nunes, President EUPHA HP
  • Creating new ecosystems for knowledge production and sharing
    D. Jourdan & M-P.
    Sauvant-Rochat, UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education
  • Genuine intersectorality at the local level, what do we know?
    L. Potvin, Montreal University, Canada
  • Intersectorality, participation and citizenship at the very core of health promotion
    M. Akerman, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • An intersectoral approach to tackle inequalities in oral health
    H. Pichot & S. Tubert-Jeanin, Agence sanitaire et sociale de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
  • Intersectorality in Danish municipalities
    D. H. Holt, National Institute of Public Health, Denmark

The interventions will be followed by a round table discussion on “Levers and obstacles to intersectorality in health promotion, toward renewed policies and practices”. The round table is organised to contribute to new perspectives of intersectorality. Participants can share their experience and views. 


  • Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran- Co-chair of the Scientific & Ethical Committee of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education
  • Fadi El Hage, University St Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Luis Saboga Nunes, President EUPHA Section Health Promotion
  • Paolo Contu, IUHPE vice-president for Europe
  • Nicola Gray, Vice-President for Europe of IAAH

The afternoon session, organised by the German Prevention RESEarch NeTwork (PRESENT), focuses on the national level: ‘interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion: examples from Germany’.

You can register for the morning and afternoon sessions separately or for the full day: conference website.

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The Chair will also organise a lunch meeting on Friday 22 November to present its activities. You are all welcome to come and meet us there. More information will follow.

The morning session of this pre-conference is made possible thanks to a contribution from la Fondation Sanofi Espoir.