UNESCO Chair Global Health and Education Health Education, Prevention, Health Promotion, Children and Young People

Working plan 2018-2022

Activity 1: Mapping the research groups and the health education policies and practices

The aim of the activity is to:

  • map the teams and research groups (human sciences and biomedical sciences) involved in the field of children and young people’s health in the school setting and the community and to create a community among these research entities.
  • map the policies and practices in health education and health promotion in schools and communities

Activity 2: Defining an epistemological and ethical framework for high quality research in health and education

Because of the intersectoral perspective and the focus on community-based approaches, the design of research protocols is complex from both an epistemological as from an ethical point of view. The aim of this activity is to develop a framework for high quality research.

Activity 3: Strengthening the evidence base

This activity corresponds to the development of an intervention-research programme in various cultural contexts.

Activity 4: Producing and dissemination of multilingual fact sheets 

This activity consists in the publication of five multilingual fact sheets on the scientific data available and the most effective intersectoral practices (local intersectoral policies focused on children and young people’s health, NCD prevention, sexuality education and promoting mental health and wellbeing, school and health inequalities reduction).

Activity 5: Setting up a multilingual free online open course 

This activity consists in the production and uploading of a multilingual free online open course (MOOC) for education, social and health professionals on health promotion of children at local level (school and community) linking existing academic programmes of the universities as well as their respective continuous professional development programmes.